About this website

This website is meant to give an idea of my work through its various aspects and different themes with few representative pictures in each section...It is not an exhaustive catalogue . No updating is made when new pictures are released, to keep the discovery of new work for exhibitions ... This website was done to spread information about my work through the world but scanned pictures will never be a substitute to analogue and fine art photography (less of all in the case of alternative processes). ...Original prints can be seen during exhibitions or rendez vous..

About prints for sale

Prints are limited to a few number : from 3 to 10 prints for a negative depending on the subject, for instance portraits are limited to 10 as well as "Fragments" whereas Still life and "Outside" are limited to 7. Each print is signed, dated, titled and numered at the back of the print...Prices are based on the size and number of the print for as the number of the print increases so is the price. All prints are analogue and on fiber paper.

Please note that some pictures are not, or not anymore, for sale.

If you are interested in buying a print, please send an e-mail.


About the pictures on this Website : Acknowledgements :

Thank you to : Marie -Sophie Wilson Carr, Sarah Zhiri and Christophe Giudici from whom I borrowed their hands in "Fragments"

Deep thanks to Marie Sophie Wilson Carr with whom I made the pictures of " Theme for Héloïse" and many more pictures.

My thanks of course go to those, through the years that have sit for me ( and for some, still do) because a portrait is a work no photographers makes alone ! Among them, my thoughts go to Guillaume Depardieu whose supporting presence and words where so precious, and still are...

All my thanks to Hervé Hudry for printing my pictures from 1982 until 1993 and to Jean-Yves Brégand to print them since 1994, both with talent (and patience!)


Contact :

Please feel free of sending me an e-mail through this website for request about my work or simply to send a few words as there is no guest book here.










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